Proud partners of automobile manufacturers and after-market brands

We specialize in designing and manufacturing automotive soft tops and accessories for automotive companies and after-market brands globally.

Automotive products are challenging articles as they have to fit specific frames and parts while performing to automotive standards. We take pride in crafting these speciality products to precision and giving attention to details. Every piece is cut and sewn on automatic machines to ensure accuracy. A team of in-house skilled artisans are dedicated to specific product lines to guarantee the best quality. We have a full-fledged welding setup dedicated to PVC soft top manufacturing.

Automotives require lots of certified parts and components. Our team of merchandisers and product designers procure these parts globally- from clear PVC to custom accessories. If you intend to work with us on your existing products regarding the same design or upgrades, share the samples and drawings with us. In case you have neither, we can suggest some solutions on our own.

We have experience working with clients who did not have samples or drawings. So, they sent us a frame of the vehicle to design, develop and test the soft top. We have entire SPOs documented and in place to trace back every article produced. This aid us to investigate and analyze deeply to strengthen our systems.

We manufacture

  • Canvas Soft Tops / Hoods /Canopy
  • Full Soft Top
  • Modular Soft Top
  • Convertible Soft Top
  • Bikini Soft Top
  • Cabin Soft Tops
  • PVC Soft Tops
  • Car Side Awnings

  • Canvas Seat Covers
  • Seat Organizers
  • Dashboard Covers
  • Spare Wheel Covers
  • Spare Wheel Storage Bags
  • Grab-Handle Bags
  • Utility / Storage Solutions for Vehicle Interior

Brands We Serve