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Basera: Your Haven at Candor

At Candor, we believe in creating not just a workplace but a community. Introducing Basera, our housing project designed with your comfort and aspirations in mind. It’s more than just a residence; it’s a lifestyle.

Basera isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a holistic experience. We’ve curated a space where you can seamlessly integrate your professional and personal life.

G.D Somani Public School

It is when we educate, we empower. Education is central to our CSR interventions. At Khandwa Road in Madhya Pradesh, we run an M.P. Board English medium school, G.D. Somani Public School, run by a Trust. It’s ideal is to help students belonging to the lower-income strata of society.

Our school benefits children from the surrounding villages since it provides modern-day education with extracurricular activities and hostel facilities. In exceptional cases, the Trust helps families in need by providing free education to their children and Scholarships award to state board rankers.

Women Empowerment

We have always believed in the power of women. Looking at our society, we enable women to create a life of their own and alternative livelihood. Economic independence amongst women improves gender equality, advances their social status and increases civic participation.

Vocational training and skills enhancement centres are established for women to learn and develop new skills like sewing. We believe in giving a platform to women where they can freely express their talent, abilities and dreams.

Health Camps

Candor operates regular on-site health camps for staff, workers, nearby villagers and their families. These camps bring convenient, no-cost health services, with safety being its core value.

We have created a robust safety training process that begins on day one during associate onboarding and continues throughout their career. We also provide annual health and safety training sessions for our associates at all levels, as new processes, equipment and machines are introduced. Protecting the health and providing safe working conditions is a prime responsibility of Candor, providing a livelihood for thousands. A healthy workforce and safe operations increase productivity, reduce operational risks, and contribute to the organization’s long-term value creation.