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We Innovate and Manufacture Fabrics Designed to Perform

Candor has a range of fabrics that is great in quality and texture. We provide everything from materials for outdoor use, digital printing, home use, military purposes and waxed canvas for bags, backpacks and jackets.

A mantra that we at Candor keep chanting is “sustainability”. Our application-driven design reduces waste and increases the utility of products. All our fabrics can be made with recycled yarn — with certification GRS & GOTS.

Our products include Rhinotuff, Texwax, Existence and more! Our strength is to provide and offer performance fabrics and their products under one roof.

Million meter production capacity per year.
Years of innovation in technical textiles.

Everything is sustainable here:

Any fabric you choose at Candor can be made from recyclable yarn. Certifications include GRS and GOTS. We are sustainable in our fabrics and in the way we do business too.

Stitching and Execution Together:

We are equipped to do all. That is our sewing team can work together with you. We offer you made-up articles and private labeling services. From bulk orders to single-unit orders, we work with you on all.

Providing fabric solutions, especially if you are starting!

If you’re starting small, we will work with you from the beginning and be there as your business grows. Sometimes, it is discouraging for growing companies to import goods due to high commitment to volumes. Don’t worry. We will provide you with the solution!

"Dedicated team & resources to customize and provide fabric solutions."

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