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Outdoor Fabrics

Our range of Outdoor Fabrics caters to all your alfresco needs. Rhinotuff® is our most popular high-performing brand. It is available in 100% cotton, 100% polyester and a blend of polyester and cotton.

This rugged fabric is Water Repellent, Water Proof, Fire Retardant, Anti-UV, Mildew Resistant, High Lightfast, High Tear and Tensile Strength.

The collection is best suited for

  • Tents and Swags
  • Automotive Soft Tops and Accessories
  • Outdoor Furniture Covers & Cushions
  • High-Performance Bags
  • Outdoor Gear

Digital Print Fabrics

Our range of products are environment friendly, sustainable and contains no pollution-causing PVC plastic in its composition. We use 100% pure polyester and cotton material to develop our products. All our products are perfectly layered with non-toxic prime which allows bright vibrant colors to be printed in no time. Our fabrics can be printed with any pigment-based inks which allows better print durability compared than dye-based inks. Our product range is compatible with latex/acrylic paint technology and are adjustable to the profile of any printer whether it is solvent, eco-solvent, etc. Therefore, Our Fabric offers the best alternative for eliminating the use of pollution causing plastic materials like flex & vinyl in the commercial printing sector to help India build a more sustainable eco-system.

Sustainable Fabrics

We believe in changing the future of the textile industry. All our fabrics are made in India and designed with customers to ensure that it meets the end goal of their product. Our application-driven design reduces waste and increases the utility of products while meeting each of the customer’s specifications.

Any of our fabrics can be made with recycled yarn — with certification GRS & GOTS. Candor not only looks at sustainability in the fabrics we construct, but also in the way we do business. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are evaluated for our commitment to continuous improvement. That includes our processes to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint by streamlining our delivery systems.

Military Fabrics

It is always hard to pick the starting point when describing the places you can find military fabric. We are recognized as a worldwide leader in mil-spec. As the decades passed, we were able to upgrade the material over the recent decades and have adapted to meet the different environmental demands military units endured. This fabric made in accordance to AS3567-1988 designation CSP280.

Home Textile

As one of the leading OEM integrated manufacturers of home textiles in India, the plant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has an annual production capacity of 2 million meters of finished fabric per annum right from greige fabric to finished fabric which is then converted into products like duvet, sheet sets, drapery and upholstery to name a few. It has the flexibility to process both cotton and blended fabric. Candor’s home textile products are predominantly exported worldwide.

Waxed Canvas

Waxed canvas backpacks, bags, and jackets have been around for many years and have recently made a major comeback. This beautiful canvas range takes us back to the heritage of the material, craftsmanship needed to make waxed canvas products, and beautiful aesthetic that only gets better with age.

Candor Textiles is one of the few manufacturers of quality waxed canvas in the world and the only one in India.

Apart from oil and wax canvas, we also manufacture traditional waxed canvas which are used for commercial applications like tarpaulins and general outdoor covers.