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We Provide Sewing Services to OEMs & Global Brands

Our sewing division is endless when it is about custom design or standard bulk orders! We deal with everything from crafting automotive soft tops and products to various tents, home furnishing articles, bags and luggage, tarps, to aprons.

In all of our business segments, we provide unique services to meet your demands. Our superpower is our custom sewn products. Candor is one of the few Indian companies offering custom sewing services for almost any application.

Our other services include- OEM contract sewing, manufacturing and product design. We at Candor can handle all the tasks with precision, always keeping quality first regardless of quantity

Square Feet Sewing Production Facility
On Time in Full
Female to Male Ratio


Our Fabrics Divison and Sewing Divison are located in the same facility. This completely eliminates fabric logistics lead times in turn improving your cashflows.


Right from sourcing of accessories & trims, sample prototyping, manufacturing to order fullfilment till your door step – Candor manages it all. So you can focus on marketing and growing your brand.


We believe in everlasting business relationships that are built on loyalty, committement, trust, understanding and a common vision.

"Providing endless sewing segments and services with quality, quantity and customization. "

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