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Candor as a company is driven by its customers’ requirements, needs and wishes. Our priority is to understand a customer’s objectives, gather the relevant information and develop a viable solution.

We understand that each country and its customer’s needs are unique. Weather conditions around the globe significantly decide the textile’s technical specifications. At the same time, artists’ preference for painting canvas changes from region to region.

The global market is vast, and its requirements are unique. Considering this, we design and develop our products to meet the specific performance parameters required from them.

Candor’s strength is to offer performance fabrics and their products under one roof. Being forward integrated makes it possible for us to customize technical textiles at various stages of production, increasing our control over product and quality at all levels.

We are located in India, one of the fastest developing countries with abundant human resources that are intelligent and technically sound. Our cost of operations is most efficient worldwide. Working in such a productive economy with our modern infrastructure & capabilities, we prefer anyone genuinely looking to work with an international organization.

With the virtue of our infrastructure, experience, knowledge base and various other services that we offer, we are a natural choice for the global market.


Each customer is different and his needs are unique. We will walk the extra mile with you and act as an extension to your team to develop and design products that satisfy your requirements..


If you’re starting small, we will work with you right from the beginning and we will be there as your business grows. Sometimes, it is discouraging for growing companies to import goods due to high commitment to volumes. We understand this problem and have a solution. Get in touch with us to know more!


With our stitching facility, we can offer our customers made-up articles. From bulk orders to highly customized single unit orders, we are equipped to do it all. Read more.


Candor offers private labeling services for fabrics and made-up articles. We understand the importance of your brand’s image and we can assure you that its going to be in safe hands!