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Audits & Compliance

Candor is part of your vision towards sustainability. Our factory is audited and comply with all major social, environmental, ethical, manufacturing and C-TPAT audits.

Superior Priming Formulation

With our expertise of over 20+ years of priming, we pride ourselves with priming superior artist canvas that:

  • Does not crack. Even in extremely low temperatures.
  • Absorbs less paint.
  • Passes all relevant paint tests.
  • Suitable for various paints: oil, acrylic, water based.


Quality is paramount for us and we pride the fact that our customers can uphold their reputation and put their brand name on a product made by us.

How your product’s quality is assured:

  • Dedicated QA team – working as an independent department ISO compliant
  • Stringent material vendor selection & screening
  • Contract wise monitoring & action systems
  • Collaborative approach with all departments
  • First article & in process inspections
  • Contract wise documentation & recording

Vertically Integrated

With our own priming and stretcher bar manufacturing setup in the same premisis, we are able to avoid transportation costs, reduce turnaround time, reduce disruptions and quality problems. We are able to lower costs through economies of scale which makes us and our customers competitive.

Logistical Advantage

Setup in Indore, we are conveniently located close to Mumbai port that makes us cost and time effective.

Equipped To Handle Small To Large Orders

We welcome customers and orders of all sizes. Our mass scale production facilities enable us to handle Big-box retailers’ year round requirements while we are equaly passionate to work with boutique art shops around the world which are often family run businesses.