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Based in Indore, rated as India’s cleanest city, Candor’s state of the art manufacturing setup is equipped to excel.

Our facility houses technologically advanced machinery and enterprise softwares that meet international standards to ensure top quality produce.

The organization is run with well designed systems to monitor our entire production and QA processes. On each step, data of all related aspects is efficiently monitored and stored.


During the entire process of development, we share critical analysis of the fabric content, chemicals and test parameters of the target fabric. Proper data and records are maintained for all stages involved in any development.

New product development starts with a customer requirement for specific or customized products. The first step is to make a prototype.
Once the prototype is approved, we go through a trial batch production run. After the desired results are achieved, we go for bulk production.
The final product is tested against various quality and performance parameters as required for that specific product.

We have our own in-house lab fully equipped lab with a lab mangle, lab coater, lab dyeing range and other fabric processing equipment. Our in-house lab is capable of doing tests such as:water head, light fastness, chrome test, anti-fungus test, tensile strength test, etc. A spectrophotometer is used for matching the lab dips to match batch-to-batch color.
All the greige fabrics, prepared fabrics, RFD fabrics and finished fabrics go through testing.

For tracking purposes we keep records of each batch produced for one year.
We can conduct fabric tests under various test standards such as, International, American, Australian and British Standards.


The Quality System at Candor Textiles is designed to meet the specific requirements of our company and our customers.

It is the policy of Candor to implement this quality system effectively throughout our operations. This system will optimise and control quality so as to maximise customer benefit and offer a cost effective service. Quality shall be controlled by operational techniques and activities aimed at preventing unsatisfactory performance.

Compliance with the quality system is mandatory to all Candor personnel, and all staff shall undergo training to ensure that they all understand the Company Quality Policy and its requirements.

We also will require effective implementation of the quality policy by our vendors and suppliers.

Our objective for Quality is to maintain effective business systems which enable us to:

  • Effectively ascertain our Customer’s needs.
  • Efficiently plan and design to meet these needs.
  • Control all job process in order to fully satisfy of all our requirements.
  • Ensure the continuing process capability of all our equipment.
  • Ensure all personnel are effectively qualified and trained to undertake appointed tasks.
  • In order to improve our quality standards and achieve the company objective, Candor shall continue monitoring the quality performance and comply with those standards required by the statutory authorities and our customers.