At Candor, sewing services originally started unintentionally – when our long time fabric customers sought sewn products made from the fabrics they used to buy from us. When we could not find them a suitable vendor locally, we were dedicated to giving them a solution. Since 2004, we have come a long way in helping our customers with their sewing needs.

We provide stitching facility as a value added service to our customers. These services make us a one-stop shop for conversion of finished fabrics into made-up articles with private labelling. This is a complete solution, which saves a lot on cost, time and effort.


When you contact us with your requirements, a dedicated merchandiser is assigned who closely studies all aspects of the project. We deconstruct your requirement into a list of its raw materials, steps, components to finalise the technical specs.

Once we’ve finalised the technical specs, we move to the next step which is sampling.

The time it takes to complete this stage varies between 1-2 weeks depending on how far along your idea is developed.


Once the technical specs are finalised, your product will move one step closer to realty.

First product samples usually average between 1-2 weeks depending on its complexity. During the entire process of ideas to sampling, we are in constant touch with you for any questions, suggestions for improvements or alterations that might be needed.

We know that this is most exciting stage of the project so we constantly share images of the developments – making it as good as you being right here with us!

When the prototype is done we’ll present it to you for approval or revision along with a final quote and timeline for its bulk production. This brings us to an important milestone – signing off the prototype.


The project just got real and your order is in!

We buy all our materials and accessories on demand, which means the moment we get the green signal our purchasing department to buy all the raw materials, allowing us to give you an exact delivery timeline.

Now it’s time to let our cutting and sewing machines to get in action! The production lines are set, needles changed and fabrics rolled out.. production begins!


The final product is only as good as its ingredients!

To ensure we are not using any substandard materials while making your precious products, we first put them to the necessary tests.

Various checks like lightfastness, tear – tensile strength, etc. of threads, labels, webbings, etc. are carried out before they can be considered for manufacturing usage.


We manufacture not with our hands but with our heart!

To ensure lead times are as low as possible, we constantly start preparing and making accessories of whatever is available with us. These are stored in the feeding department till the last bit of material arrives.

When all necessary materials are in the factory, the feeding department issues it all to the production department as a job kit.

The signed-off sample along with all technical details is rolled out along with the materials so the team knows exactly what is to be done.


Only after stringent QC checks and third party inspections (if required by you) do we finally pack the order. Once packed, we prepare your order for shipping by whichever method we’ve agreed upon.

Our logistics team is capable of handling FCL or LCL shipments to practically any port in the World.

Let us help with your next project.