rhinotuff outdoor fabrics

Our stitching operation includes an extensive setup of a Gerber cutting and plotting machine and various stitching machines such as long arm, heavy duty, single & double needle sewing machines.

We have a dedicated team of 150 people in the sewing department who are experienced to handle multiple product lines and quickly learn a new product.

We provide stitching facility as a value added service to our customers who buy fabrics from us. These services make us a one-stop shop for conversion of finished fabrics into made up articles with private labeling. This is a complete solution, which saves a lot on cost and time.

We produce a variety of finished fabric made-ups including:

Tarps, horse blankets, jeep hoods, industrial covers, tool bags, tote bags, aprons, swags, sun shades et al.


– Tents
– Tarpaulins
– Utility Bags
– Game Bags