Canvas stretching process begins with wood working.
we have our own wood division to make stretcher bars and our primary material is pine wood. Our stretched canvas facility caters to the art trade, the complete range right from the base fabric, Primed canvas, Canvas Panels and Stretched canvases. We do private labels as per customer requirement.


We do our own production of stretcher bars we can supply stretchers bars in different sizes and we can supply you stretched frames, stretched canvases in customers packaging the way they want it.

We manufacture stretcher bars in Paulownia and Pine wood in different profiles from economy to deep edge.



We manufacture canvas frames in Pine wood in different profiles from economy to deep edge.
 Most Popular profiles are:-
16 mm x 30 mm
, 18 mm x 38 mm, 34 mm x 37 mm

  • Back stapled as well as Splined frames are made in all sizes from small to big as per the customer’s need.
  • We can use any fabric from our range in making frames which is from 4 oz to 15 oz!


Canvas panels is offered with thickness of 2.5 and 3 mm MDF board

  • Any size required is possible
  • Round and Oval canvas are made with 18 mm thick board.



We can offer both unprimed and primed canvas for artist use.

  • Unprimed fabric can be offered in Rolls of any size required as well as in fold form of size 1/2/4/10 yards/mtrs.
  • Weight offered is 100 gsm to 500 gsm.
  • Width range of 36” to 144” (upto 3.65 mtr wide).
  • Primed canvas is with weight of 4 oz to 15 oz (250 GSM to 690 GSM Finished weight).
  • Fabric width can be anywhere between 36” to 120’(upto 3 meter wide).
  • Packed in cartons and is offered with and without outer tubes on rolls.

All above can be compiled together to get most benefits from one roof! Primed fabric is best suited for smooth painting experience with best results.

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